ARC Health, a Thurston Group portfolio company, has acquired Southeast Psych, a premier mental health provider group with two locations in Charlotte, NC, and one in Nashville, TN. Formed in 2021, ARC Health is a mental health specialty services organization supporting psychiatry, psychology and therapy providers in multiple locations throughout the country.

"Southeast Psych is one of the most prestigious psychology/therapy groups in the nation," said Vincent Morra, ARC Health CEO. "We're honored and excited to have them join our team of top-tier mental health practices."

"We chose to partner with ARC Health given their commitment to a partnership approach. We consider ourselves to be innovators at Southeast Psych and this partnership allows us to continue running our practice and treating our patients as we always have, but with added support and resources that will help us positively impact the lives of more patients," said Jonathan Feather, Psy. D, a founding partner.

Dr. Feather, Dave Verhaagen, PhD, APBB, and Lauren King, Psy. D, are managing partners of the thriving practice with 52 employees at their three locations. They offer individual and group therapy including aspergers/autism, eating disorders, mental health disorders, and family/parent counseling. Their "sweet spot" is working with teens and young adults, Dr. King said.

The doctor-partner model of ARC Health, pioneered by Thurston Group companies, emphasizes local autonomy on the clinical side combined with the competitive advantage of size on the business side.

ARC Health is expanding rapidly throughout the country, partnering with leading mental health providers in attractive geographies.