Bluewave Technology Group, a strategic, high-growth technology advisory and lifecycle management company, has acquired Compass Solutions, a technology and telecom advisory agency headquartered in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. This is the fourth acquisition for Bluewave this quarter that expands the company’s reach to now serve over 4000 customers.

For more than 21 years, Compass Solutions has worked with clients to navigate the complex and ever-changing IT and telecommunication infrastructure landscape to meet the needs of their business. Founded by the company’s president, Marty Lyman, an active leader in the Akron community, the firm grew quickly to provide global solutions to mid-to large enterprises, with a special focus on nationwide retailers with a presence of 50 or more locations. The firm’s focus on providing excellent client support helped retain and grow many clients into long-term relationships averaging more than ten years.

Lyman will join Bluewave as an Ambassador and equity partner, continuing to focus on client success and Bluewave’s growth. The Compass Solutions team will also join Bluewave, enhancing its already strong technology advisory and management services.

“We are constantly evaluating how we must grow and evolve as an organization to meet our customer needs,” said Marty Lyman, Founder and President, Compass Solutions. “We believe the model for success is exactly what Bluewave has built and will continue to capitalize on. Their experienced management team has built and scaled organizations successfully. And their core values, a keen focus on customer lifecycle success, and a scalable suite of service offerings make this next phase of growth the right fit for us.”

“Clients are looking for a strategic partner that can consistently deliver results that optimize client outcomes, and Marty and the Compass Solutions team have built long-term relationships over the years doing just that,” said Seth Penland, Founder and CEO of Bluewave. “Their ability to actively manage all phases in the customer technology lifecycle is a complementary fit to Bluewave. And their unique expertise in multi-location retail solutions will strengthen the breadth of our combined services, creating even greater opportunities for us to support clients.”

Bluewave has a history of investing in technology and telecom advisory agencies, including recently acquired Helm Partners, iSymplify, and Virtual Telecomm, which are part of the company’s aggressive growth plan. Bringing the combined talent and resources together across these organizations empowers Bluewave to deliver greater value to customers throughout the lifecycle of their technology investments. The terms of this transaction were not disclosed.

Sampford Advisors acted as the exclusive investment banking advisor to Compass Solutions.