DRB Holdings LLC has acquired the assets and intellectual property of NoPileups LLC.

DRB, an Akron-based provider of technology-enabled devices and software solutions to the car wash industry, gets NoPileups’ advanced software, which leverages computer vision and machine learning technology to monitor car wash tunnels and prevent collisions.

"This is one of the most innovative and promising technologies to be deployed in tunnel car washes in some time," DRB CEO Bill Morgenstern said in a statement. "Pete Ness and his team have tasked modern video and machine learning technologies to solve a very difficult and important problem in tunnel car washes, while delivering substantial ROI to car wash operators."

Ness, CEO and Founder of NoPileups and CEO of Pingman Tools, said in a statement, "Our entire team looks forward to taking NPU to the next level with DRB. Our plans are to ramp up our sales, support and implementation capacity to meet the overwhelming demand we have experienced. We will continue to support our product in all tunnel car washes, regardless of the current point of sale or tunnel control provider."