ECHO Health, Inc., a market leader in insurance claim disbursements, has acquired Prelude Software, provider of PayPilot®, the disbursement-hub solution used by insurers, hospitals and governments.

The move comes as organizations such as insurers and hospitals continue to prioritize digital payment strategies to modernize the experience and reduce costs. Together, ECHO and Prelude Software will continue to drive improvements by leveraging Prelude’s disbursement platform, PayPilot, along with ECHO’s fully integrated digital payment platform.

“We continue to invest and grow with a focus on end-to-end solutions to drive enterprise-wide results while managing necessary resource allocations for implementation and execution that insurers demand,” said Tom Dean, president of ECHO. “This acquisition allows us to deliver a fully digital solution that easily integrates into their core systems,” said Dean.

“This milestone is a testament to Prelude’s more than 30-year history of delivering results with its PayPilot platform,” said Steve Root, president of Prelude Software. “PayPilot users will now have access to ECHO’s full suite of payment options along with access to the industry-leading payment network,” said Root. PayPilot’s focus on claims, policy, and AP system integration optimize results while eliminating workflow disruptions.

This acquisition brings efficiencies and flexibility to meet the needs of each individual client and improves payee choice. “We look forward to bringing additional integration capabilities to ECHO with the purchase of Prelude Software and continue as the market leader in electronic disbursements,” said Dean. “The PayPilot hub will enhance our capabilities and allow our clients to connect across multiple claim and payment systems for a seamless experience,” said Dean.