Elmet Technologies, a Maine-based tungsten and molybdenum manufacturer, has acquired Euclid-based H.C. Starck Solutions Americas, a global manufacturer and supplier of the technology metals tungsten and molybdenum and related alloys.

Elmet is portfolio company of the Anania & Associates Investment Co., a Maine-based U.S. manufacturing-focused holding company.

The acquisition creates the largest U.S.-owned producer of tungsten and molybdenum materials and products, with nearly 400 employees across three facilities in Maine, Ohio, and Michigan.

“Unifying our companies provides customers in defense, aerospace, medical, industrial furnaces, semiconductor, and other industries access to a single supplier with a more comprehensive portfolio of products and capabilities. Our organization now provides a combined 200 years of best practices for increased supply-chain efficiency and resilience as well as improved quality, capability, and innovation. The consolidated portfolio now includes a breadth of capabilities and products from the largest extrusion press for refractory metals to fine wire thinner than a human hair. Combined rolling mill capabilities will increase overall capacity and provide shorter lead times to support the largest and most complex projects,” says Peter Anania, Chairman at AAI and Elmet CEO.

The combined company will continue to manufacture and supply all of its existing product lines, such as foil, sheet, plate, rod, blocks, bars, powder, cubes, spheres, and more. “We also anticipate the development of new advanced materials, components, and solutions as a result of our increased capabilities and combined resources and expertise,” says Scott Knoll, Partner at AAI and Head of M&A and Strategy at Elmet. “To support that innovation, we have immediate plans to invest in expanding our workforce and manufacturing capabilities at all three of our U.S. sites. These future investments will build on the success of recent investments across the group including state-of-the-art tungsten sphere and cube fragmentation production in Lewiston, spray dried and plasma densified additive manufacturing powders and 3D processing in Coldwater and new tungsten plate rolling technology in Euclid, Ohio. This combination will help ensure Made-in-the-USA continues in the tungsten and molybdenum sector for the next 100 years and beyond.”