Cleveland-based Family Care Path, a 2016 spin-out from Cleveland Clinic Innovations, has raised $600,000 of angel funding from undisclosed investors.
The company, which is developing web-based clinical applications designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost for healthcare providers, raised the funds through a combination of equity and warrants, according to PitchBook, a private capital market data provider.

"We founded the company to introduce the web-based clinical decision support application MyLegacy, which uses proprietary algorithms based on practice guidelines developed by the Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute," the company's website says. "Our market vision for this application was to address the need for a cost effective means to collect family health history that was compatible with the electronic medical record and convey associated risks for actionable health conditions to patients. This standardized tool has helped to save valuable physician time while ensuring that genetically at-risk patients are identified so that clinically appropriate measures are taken.

The company is led by President and CEO David McKee, who for 10 years has chaired the External Advisory Board for the Genomics Medicine Institute of Cleveland Clinic. Previously, McKee founded and grew an interior landscaping company to 14 offices before selling it to UK-based Rentokil. In 1999, he began investing in and working with health care start-ups with a focus on software-as-a-service and preventative disease.