Vytalize has been raising funds successively and successfully for the past few years, recently attracting a $100 million round in February. CEO and co-founder Faris Ghawi says the company has been investing deeply in supporting its primary care partner practices, helping them transition to value-based care. They're investing in their own technology, capabilities and resources to help accomplish that transition successfully. The company is also growing a lot, so the resources from this recent round are needed to support a larger base of independent primary care physicians.

"With value-based care, we have to take on financial risk for the total cost of care for Medicare patients and we want to make sure that we're doing this in a responsible way that is long-term and sustainable," Ghawi says.

The round was led by Enhanced Healthcare Partners and Monroe Capital with participation from North Coast Ventures. He says the company is extremely fortunate to have the support of these teams of investors helping in ways beyond just capital.

"It's anywhere from team introductions to key leaders that can join the Vytalize team, its expertise in health care and how to build infrastructure that will be long-lasting, and just helping us navigate all of the constantly changing regulations and the environment around technology and just tremendous support even locally within those markets," he says.

Ghawi, along with Chief Marketing Officer Matt Buder Shapiro, spoke on the Smart Business Dealmakers Podcast about the big raise, how they'll apply it, the growth its perpetuating and what comes next.