Akron’s Gabriel Performance Products has acquired Royce International to broaden its offerings. Sarasota, Florida-based Royce makes specialty epoxy resins, diluents, curing agents and additives sold under its RoyOxyTM brand into coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers applications. Gabriel, a specialty chemicals company, intends to retain all Royce product lines and their respective brand names. Royce Associates, a sister company of Royce International, is not a part of this transaction. “The acquisition of Royce further expands Gabriel’s offerings of solutions for the coatings, adhesives and composites markets,” Gabriel CEO Seth Tomasch said  in a statement. “Royce’s diversified product portfolio, technical support and formulation expertise will allow us to provide a broader array of products and services to our customers.” The Royce deal follows Gabriel’s acquisitions of Ranbar Electrical Materials, InChem's proprietary Phenoxy Resin® business and the BASF Versamid® polyamide curing agent product line over the last three years.