Ken Ganley’s passion for cars is obvious. He loves selling cars, driving cars and just being around cars. So it’s no surprise that he jumped on the opportunity to buy Central Cadillac, one of Cleveland’s most iconic auto dealerships.

“It’s a third-generation business, which is highly unusual in our industry,” says Ganley. “Growing up in this business as a kid, I was always fascinated by Central Cadillac.”

Ganley acquired Central from Frank Porter, whose family has owned Central for 75 years. Chevrolet dealer Bob Serpentini was a partner in the acquisition, Ganley says.

The deal adds another brand to Ganley’s portfolio, in addition to a piece of downtown Cleveland’s automotive history. And that history means something to Ganley, who plans to leave the company name just as it is — Central Cadillac.

It’s that type of confidence – mixed with humility – that has helped Ganley build on the brand his father, Tom, started back in 1968. We’ll take a deeper dive behind the transaction in an upcoming Deal of the Week.