Indago, a medical device and technology company, has closed a $10 million convertible note round of financing. The funds will be used to complete pre-submission testing of the ArthroFree™ — the company’s transformative wireless camera system — and to submit the device for FDA clearance, as well as continuing to develop a diverse pipeline of additional products and expand the company’s intellectual property portfolio. The company plans to submit its 510(k) premarket notification in late 2021 and expects to receive FDA approval to launch the product in the first half of 2022.

The company also announced that it is changing its name to Lazurite Holdings, effective immediately.

“We are excited to have closed the financing round and look forward to using the funds to help move ArthroFree through the FDA and continuing the development of our suite of follow-on products,” said Eugene Malinskiy, Chief Executive Officer and founder. “With the close of the financing round, we also are excited to announce the company’s new name and to welcome Michael Salerno to our Board. Michael’s depth of knowledge and experience in capital raising in the health care company space will be invaluable to us as we continue to grow Lazurite and expand our product base.”

Salerno is a co-founder of AUA Capital Management and is formerly the managing director of QFS Asset Management, a premier global alternative asset manager specializing in quantitative investment strategies. He also is a former general partner of Select Capital Ventures, a fund focused on providing growth capital to health care-oriented companies. AUA Capital Management is the lead investor in the latest round of financing.