MRI Software LLC, a global leader in real estate software solutions, has acquired IPM Software, a provider of property management, accounting and compliance solutions for the affordable housing industry. IPM brings deep affordable housing expertise and market share, furthering MRI's continued scale and growth in a key market. Headquartered in Texas, IPM serves hundreds of clients with its affordable housing property management and contract administrator solutions. IPM's CaTRACr™ contract administrator solution implements core tasks associated with HUD certifications to build and audit vouchers, send certifications to HUD and electronically disburse payments to owners or agents. This represents a new addition to MRI's affordable housing portfolio serving the organizations that create and distribute HUD vouchers that allow individuals to subsidize their own housing due to public and affordable housing shortages. "The affordable housing market is actively seeking innovation, and we are answering the call. We're now in position to do that across the industry, leveraging modern technologies and an unparalleled team of affordable housing specialists," said David Carner, senior vice president of residential solutions at MRI Software, in a statement. "IPM's hundreds of years of combined expertise, strong client list and robust solutions perfectly complement MRI's core competencies as we prepare for the launch of our next-generation, web-based, affordable housing solution in the first half of 2019." Related post: Dealmakers Live with John Ensign, president and chief legal officer at MRI Software