Nations Capital Inc., a global asset management and advisory firm focused on opportunistic investments and asset remarketing, has acquired the assets of American Highway, Inc. and Quality Leasing, LLC, located in Illinois and Texas.

The assets include a large fleet of truck tractors and trailers. After many years in the industry and a long history of outstanding performance, the company made the decision to sell the assets and focus on other areas of business with its customer base. NCI will integrate many of the assets into its own logistics operations and will offer the remaining assets for private sale to its customer base.

Nations Capital, Inc. continues to lead the industry in providing total fleet solutions to the transportation sector.

"Nations Capital is pleased to have partnered with American Highway to complete this acquisition. NCI continues to provide clients with total fleet solutions in rapid fashion. We wish Andy and his team all the best in their future endeavors," said Tim Bowling, Executive Vice President at NCI.

"We were very pleased throughout the process with the professionalism, speed and resources that NCI displayed in completing the sale," said Andy Koczwara, CEO of American Highway.