Beachwood, Ohio-based email verification company NeverBounce is being acquired by DiscoverOrg, a B2B marketing intelligence firm based in Vancouver. The deal will help DiscoverOrg enhance its existing sales and marketing services and solutions for B2B companies.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

NeverBounce was founded in 2013 by Brad Owen, who will remain as CEO.

"While finding net new buyers is always going to be vital to sales and marketing efforts, it has become equally as important to manage, update and cleanse existing data that is going stale sitting in CRM and marketing automation systems," DiscoverOrg CEO Henry Schuck said in a statement. "Our partnership with NeverBounce makes solving both of these challenges easier for our customers."

  • NeverBounce's services are used by more than 100,000 sales and marketing professionals worldwide.
  • Its technology already is "embedded in the quality control process." Over the next year, NeverBounce capabilities will be built into DiscoverOrg’s products to improve the accuracy of in-platform emails, as well as other email data sitting in internal marketing and sales systems.
  • All NeverBounce products will continue to be sold as standalone solutions. DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo customers can purchase the standalone solutions at a discounted rate.