Park Place Technologies has acquired MCSA Group Limited, a UK-based business-critical IT services and solutions provider, snagging all of MCSA's business, which makes Park Place Technologies the largest third-party maintenance provider in Europe.

Park Place Technologies will leverage MCSA's proven track record to deliver a wide range of data center and IT services, including MCSA's core expertise in hardware maintenance, reselling capabilities and its reputation for servicing customers in the public sector.

"MCSA's depth of experience supporting the data center infrastructure of customers is highly regarded," Park Place Technologies President and CEO Chris Adams said. "With this acquisition of MCSA, Park Place will be the largest TPM in Europe. We look forward to welcoming MCSA's customers and bringing our award-winning proactive maintenance services and support to MCSA's customers, while expanding our ability to service current and new customers in the UK."

Here are some other notable aspects of the deal:

  • Park Place Technologies will acquire MCSA's six offices in the UK, including one office in Scotland.
  • This is the first acquisition for Park Place Technologies in 2019 and follows four acquisitions in 2018, including Latin America-based CMG-Nicsa, Ireland-based Origina Technology Services, Singapore-based Axentel Technologies and Houston-based Solid Systems CAD Services (SSCS).