Philpott Solutions Group today announced it has purchased Castino, an injection molding manufacturer. The agreement allows Philpott to build tooling and expand its capabilities that range from custom molded and extruded rubber parts to polymer parts and specialty products.

The acquisition, which was completed in March, will ensure that Philpott can better serve customers and meet even more of their needs for many types of components, says David Ferrell, president and CEO of Philpott Solutions Group.

“It’s an exciting time for Philpott Solutions Group. We’re pleased to add Castino’s highly regarded manufacturing facilities to our own company,” Ferrell says. “Everyone at Castino has been great to work with through this process. The purchase went smoothly, and we have every expectation that the integration will be seamless as well.”

Carrie Castino, who owned Castino with her late husband, Robert (Bob) Castino Jr., said, “It’s clear that we made the right choice with Philpott Solutions Group. They share our values and commitment to customers. We know they’ll succeed with what we’ve established over many decades.”

In addition to its production facilities in Brunswick and Aurora, Ohio, Philpott will manage the newly acquired design and production facilities in Romulus, MI and Walnut Ridge, AR. Injection molding machines, which range from 100 to 625 tons, produce millions of pieces for OEMs.

“Purchasing Castino at this time makes perfect sense for our current and future customers as well as our employees and the Castino employees who are joining Philpott Solutions Group,” Ferrell said.