Houston-based Idera Inc., parent company of global B2B software productivity brands, has acquired PreEmptive Solutions, a Mayfied Village-based leader in application protection and security. PreEmptive will join Idera’s DevOps business unit, home to a number of products that enable developers to deliver secure, resilient and bug-free applications.

PreEmptive is a developer of app protection and security tools for desktop, mobile, cloud and IoT devices. Their suite of tools allows .NET, Java/Android, JavaScript and iOS developers to protect applications from passive and active attacks, hacking and tampering, while securing intellectual property and sensitive data. PreEmptive’s tools fit seamlessly into development workflows and work within leading developer environments such as Visual Studio, making it a natural choice for developers and development teams.

Thousands of corporate clients use PreEmptive’s solutions, including Fortune 500 names like GE, FedEx, Microsoft, IBM and Cisco Systems. With a layered approach to binary code protection using obfuscation, encryption, root detection, shielding and tamper proofing, exceptional companies trust PreEmptive to secure critical code and applications.

“When Idera approached us about a possible transaction, we quickly realized the similarities in our business philosophies and our joint commitment to customer success,” PreEmptive Founder and CEO Gabriel Torok said in a statement. “We know our customers will appreciate Idera’s broader solution portfolio, their commitment to the PreEmptive brand, and their ability to deliver more customer value.”