Resilience Capital announced a joint venture with MicroShield, a leading provider of advanced antimicrobial defense solutions. With the financial backing and resources of Resilience Capital Partners, MShield Holdings Inc. and its affiliate, MShield Healthcare, intend to meet the increased demand for an EPA-registered, FDA-approved antimicrobial shield that kills 99.99 percent of pathogens and ensures that treated surfaces are protected with a self-disinfecting barrier for up to one year.

MShield Healthcare, a subsidiary of MShield Holdings Inc., plans to partner with MicroShield to provide the MicroShield 360 product first and foremost to participants in the healthcare industry including providers, medical products and facilities including hospitals, long-term care centers, nursing homes and acute care and assisted living centers. MShield Healthcare retains the exclusive global rights for the distribution of MicroShield 360 in these sectors.

In addition, MShield Holdings will develop applications of MicroShield 360 for the consumer, residential and transportation sectors. MicroShield 360 continues to be scientifically tested for effectiveness against a growing range of pathogens.

 “Innovation comes in all forms, including how you disinfect hospitals, healthcare facilities and other venues,” Resilience Capital Partners Co-CEO Steven H. Rosen said in a statement. “We see that in MicroShield 360, which kills 99.99 percent of all pathogens; perfection is difficult to achieve in any endeavor, but this is about as close as you’ll find, and it is why we are putting considerable financial resources towards making MicroShield 360 readily available. With growing concern over pathogens, we look forward to working with the Kubec family, which pioneered this concept through MicroShield, to make it affordable, build out distribution channels and deliver this product to those in need in the current crisis environment.”

The protocol for MicroShield 360 requires that an area be cleaned thoroughly prior to a three-step treatment that includes the application of an electrostatic disinfectant, a specially formulated disinfectant and a proprietary coating formula that imparts a final biostatic finish to treated surfaces, preventing pathogens from living on them for up to one year.

MicroShield 360 is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic and reduces microbial contamination of bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, yeast, mildew, fungi and other potentially disease-causing microorganisms. It can offer protection from a broad spectrum of pathogens including MRSA, E. coli, Norovirus, C. diff, flu strains, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, enveloped viruses including the common cold and more than 90 additional diseases and conditions.

David Johnson, CEO at MShield Holdings and president of MShield Healthcare added: “Having come from STERIS Corporation, a leader in the sterilization of medical instruments, I know a game-changing active ingredient when I see one. It is a privilege to be part of such a solution, and we will be exploring every opportunity to assist not only the healthcare industry but also other sectors that can be affected by the spread of communicable diseases.”

Concluded Rosen, “MicroShield 360 offers tremendous potential for reducing the transmission of disease-causing microorganisms, and we look forward to helping make MicroShield 360 widely available to protect public health in these uncertain times.”