The Riverside Company, a global private investor focused on the smaller end of the middle market, has invested in FoodLogiQ, LLC (FoodLogiQ), as an add-on to its ESHA Research (ESHA) platform, a provider of SaaS-based nutritional analysis, labeling compliance and product formulation software. Founded in 2006, FoodLogiQ provides supply chain management software used by restaurants, food retail and grocery chains, food and beverage product manufacturers, wholesale food suppliers and distributors and other customers. The company enables customers to streamline supply chain management processes, ensure supplier compliance with food safety standards and optimize product traceability.

ESHA is trusted by food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice companies, health and wellness organizations, supplements manufacturers and more to ensure regulatory compliance and more effectively manage the product formulation process. The company’s software enables customers to collect and store ingredient data, create regulatory-compliant nutrition facts labels, analyze the nutritional content of recipes, manage product formulations, calculate recipe yields and costs, produce ingredient certification statements and validate dietary claims.

“We are excited to work with the team to continue delivering the best technology and highest service to customers who are increasingly focused on digitizing the supply chain to improve food safety and transparency, while navigating increasing regulatory requirements, especially related to food traceability,” said Riverside Managing Partner Loren Schlachet.