The Riverside Company has invested in Milwaukee-based Starfire Systems, Inc., and Starfire Extinguisher, Inc. (collectively known as Starfire). The investment is an add-on to Riverside’s CertaSite platform, a fire and life safety platform that is committed to the highest levels of customer service, responsiveness, building safety and code compliance.

CertaSite goes beyond compliance, focusing on partnerships and professionalism while providing customers a simplified and dependable solution to managing all of the fire protection and life safety systems in commercial buildings. Starfire provides repeating inspection, repair and maintenance services for existing fire and life safety systems as well as installation services for new construction and retrofits.

“With this partnership, we look forward to expanding CertaSite’s breadth of capabilities,” said Riverside Principal John McKernan. “Additionally, we continue to look for additional add-ons for full-service fire protection companies, specializing in the inspection, monitoring, repair and maintenance and design of fire and life safety equipment including extinguishers, sprinklers, alarm systems, suppression systems and other fire and life safety systems.”

To date, CertaSite has now invested in 10 fire protection and life safety companies and is actively engaged in bringing new businesses under the CertaSite umbrella. The CertaSite family includes: Advanced Fire (Pennsylvania), ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. (Ohio); Approved Protection Systems (Michigan); Approved Safety and Security (Indiana); Company One Suppression (Illinois and Iowa); County Fire Protection (Ohio); Erlich Fire Protection (Michigan); Field’s Fire Protection (Michigan); and Spears Fire & Safety (Michigan).

Working with Riverside Managing Partner Loren Schlachet and Riverside Principal John McKernan on the deal were Assistant Vice President Kenneth Johnson, Analyst Caitlin McGrath, Finance Director Bart Thielen and Operating Partner Ervin Cash. Regional Director of Origination Cheryl Strom sourced the deal for Riverside.