The Partners of ShoreView are pleased to announce the sale of Rohrer Corporation to Wellspring Capital Management. ShoreView partnered with the Rohrer family over 11 years ago, with the goal of becoming a consolidator in the fragmented high-visibility packaging solutions industry. 

Prior to ShoreView’s investment, Rohrer was a traditional family business. The shareholders were seeking to both diversify their personal net worth and find a partner to help achieve the next phase of the Company’s growth.  ShoreView structured a transaction that:

  • Provided liquidity to the family while enabling them to maintain a meaningful ownership position
  • Created a succession plan for the family to enable them to transition from day-to-day management into a board role
  • Provided ample financial resources to support a number of acquisitions and make significant capital expenditures

 Over the next 11 years, ShoreView worked with Rohrer to:

  • Complete four add-on acquisitions which expanded the Company’s product lines, customer base, and geographic presence
  • Expand operations internationally
  • Expand capacity and increase Rohrer’s capabilities with substantial capital investment in new presses and related equipment
  • Hire new senior leadership to effectuate the founding family’s transition plans, including a new CEO, CFO, and VP of Operations
  • Grow the business from $67 million to over $200 million in revenue