Sier Capital Partners is supporting the management team of LLK Greenhouse Solutions (LLK) with a strategic investment in the company. LLK is a leading provider of design, build, and maintenance services for commercial greenhouses. The investment was made by an affiliate of Sier Capital Partners, and supported by Siguler Guff, a multi-strategy private equity investment firm which, together with its affiliates, has over $13.5 billion of assets under management.

LLK Greenhouse Solutions is headquartered in Strongsville, OH, and plays a central role in providing customized greenhouse solutions to commercial growers, independent garden centers, and research institutions. The Company acts as a full-service partner for its clients, as growers increasingly require meaningful expertise to help build and maintain their advanced growing facilities. Controlled environment agriculture technology is specialized with new technological advances enabling consistent, high quality production. Clients rely on LLK for the Company's 80+ year history and substantial experience with greenhouses and growing facilities.