The Fedeli Group, a risk management insurance and employee benefits firm local to the Cleveland area, has acquired Aviation Risk Management Associates to form TFG Aviation Risk Management, LLC. The deal brings together two client-centric, growing organizations with a dominant presence in the aviation industry.

“We are passionate about the aviation industry and our expertise in this area allows TFG Aviation Risk Management to act as a true partner to clients, steering them toward success by designing tailored insurance and risk management programs that are strategic and forward-thinking,” says Nick Fedeli, Executive Vice President, The Fedeli Group.

This acquisition expands The Fedeli Group’s already comprehensive risk management footprint and will double their aviation practice. “It’s a great combination of experience, energy and determination to grow—along with the expertise and insight to back it up,” Fedeli says.

TFG Aviation Risk Management insures a wide range of aircraft, including fractional, charter and cargo, aircraft & aircraft parts manufacturers, Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MROs) and aviation service providers. “Our seasoned team is now even stronger, allowing us to deliver customized risk strategies, attractive terms with competitive underwriters and ongoing business support,” Fedeli says.

From aviation professional liability to engine programs and specially designed coverage for Fixed Based Operations (FBOs), TFG Aviation Risk Management has a well-rounded team familiar with these risks and beyond. Fedeli says, “We strive to be experts in vertical niches such as aviation, and because of our vast and extensive knowledge in this industry we can deliver more value to clients.”

Aviation insurance is a significant part of what The Fedeli Group does today and Umberto Fedeli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is excited for what the future holds for TFG Aviation Risk Management. “I am so proud of Nick and our team for providing best-in-class service in the aviation industry. Their expertise in aviation risk management is what opened the door for this opportunity,” Umberto says.