The Riverside Company, a global private equity investor focused on the smaller end of the middle market, has acquired General Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc. (General Fire) as an add-on to its fire and life safety platform, Performance Systems Integration (PSI). Based in Portland, Oregon, PSI is a leading provider of fire and life safety services in the Pacific Northwest, Mountain West and Northern California regions. The company provides customers with fire and life safety services including system inspection, service and monitoring, equipment and first-aid sales and cylinder repairs as well as installations for new construction and retrofits.

General Fire is based in Spokane, Washington, and provides repeating fire and life safety system inspection, repair and maintenance services and parts, as well as installation services for new construction and retrofits, to customers across various industries in the Spokane, Washington area.

“General Fire is the seventh add-on to PSI under Riverside’s ownership and strengthens our presence in the Eastern Washington region,” said Riverside Managing Partner Loren Schlachet. “We’re excited about the opportunities the combination of General Fire and PSI will open up for the PSI platform.”

PSI is committed to delivering high-quality customer service through its ‘single-point-of-management’ compliance services for all fire and life safety needs in the Pacific Northwest and the California Bay Area. PSI also operates cylinder requalification, cylinder maintenance and fire equipment parts distribution businesses under the Fire King brand. With decades of experience in the fire and life safety industry, PSI’s mission is to help save lives by providing meaningful fire and life safety protection and training.