Real-time market research platform Thrivable has closed $1.7M in funding. With an ever-increasing roster of more than 40,000 patients at the ready, Thrivable allows health care companies to complete surveys, interviews, usability studies, and more in just days compared to the industry standard of weeks and even months.

"We know that in today's extremely competitive environment, the most patient-centric companies win," notes Thrivable CEO David Edelman. "It's why we enable on-demand access to quality panelists that companies need to make sure patient insights inform everyday decisions."

Investors in this round include Allos Ventures, JumpStart, North Coast Ventures, and Early Light Ventures. The investment will allow Thrivable to immediately expand its global team of full-time employees with a focus on the areas of technology, research, data science, sales, and marketing.

"We see Thrivable as the answer to the unique challenges health care market researchers face today — getting the quality patient insights needed to be agile in an incredibly competitive market. We're excited to be a partner as Thrivable continues to innovate its platform and expand the health conditions that it serves," says Paul Ehlinger, principal at Allos Ventures.

Among the new members joining Thrivable's board of directors are Brad Owen, Alan Brenner, and Harris Drantch. Owen, who founded NeverBounce in 2014, served as vice president of product tools at ZoomInfo following its acquisition of NeverBounce. Brenner was previously a senior vice president of engineering at both Blackberry and Sun Microsystems. Currently a principal at Coppermine Capital LLC, Drantch previously held the roles of assistant vice president for private equity at Wafra Partners and investment banking analyst at Cain Brothers.

Also joining Thrivable in an advisory role are Royce Brunson, an operations executive who is the chief revenue officer at Health Recovery Solutions, and Michael Classen, an executive officer with Greenspring Associates.