Trailhead Biosystems Inc., a biotechnology company pioneering the application of machine-enabled science towards understanding and controlling biology, has completed a $10 million Series A-2 equity financing round. The company has developed revolutionary platform for generating specialized human cells for use in therapeutic cell development, drug discovery, organ-on-a-chip development, 3D organ printing, and human disease modeling.

"The need for specialized iPSC derived human cells is substantial," said Jan Jensen, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, and founder of Trailhead Biosystems. "It is our goal to make any type of specialized human cell possible. Trailhead's Quality-by-Design principles allow for the manufacturing of cells at scale, at a high-quality, and with less risk for research and development.

This round of funding will enable the company to complete its fit-out providing a total of ~15,000 sqft headquarters in Greater Cleveland Ohio, including laboratory, tissue culture, bioreactor manufacturing, and bioinformatics facilities, allowing us to sustain continued and scaled development of human cells and deliver them to industry and clinical partners.

"We are excited to enter a scaling phase in which we target production, inventory generation, and sales to address the urgent needs of the life sciences industry for high-quality specialized cells at large quantities and for developing breakthrough cell-based therapies," Div Trivedi, Chief Operating Officer, stated.