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September 14, 2023

For A Successful Sale, Know What You Want

With early-stage tech companies, it's important to figure out what the entrepreneur wants because often the entrepreneur is near burnout, says Sig Mosley, managing partner of Mosley Ventures....

By Adam Burroughsd

June 12, 2020

Early-Stage Entrepreneurs Need To Focus On Creativity, Mitigating Risk To Close Deals

The landscape for showcasing early-stage companies to potential buyers and investors has changed dramatically in the face of COVID-19, says David Weaver, chief investment officer at City Side Ventures....

By Dustin S. Klein & Mark Scott

June 1, 2020

VentureOhio closes; young professional program continuing

VentureOhio’s board has decided to sunset the trade association, which advocated for increased capital and greater collaboration. The decision to wind down VentureOhio came following CEO Falon Donohue’s departure earlier this year, assessing the impact of COVID-19 and recognizing Ohio’s regional entrepreneurial support organizations are well-positioned to advance VentureOhio’s mission....

By Jayne Gest

May 21, 2020

Jay Katarincic shares the methods behind early stage VC investing

With early stage investing, it’s not about hitting every single time in order to have a successful fund, says Jay Katarincic, managing director of venture capital firm Draper Triangle. That's because it's often more art than science....

By Jayne Gest

May 13, 2020

Deal Pulse: April M&A Activity in Central Ohio

The state of Ohio was under a stay-at-home order for the entire month of April, with many businesses shut down. While middle market M&A activity has severely slowed in Central Ohio, notable deals included Break Trail Ventures, Nationwide Ventures and Midwest Equipment Sales....

By Michael Shaw

April 27, 2020

MWE Sales recapitalizes with funding from Provariant, Tecum

Midwest Equipment Sales has taken on investment partners in order to grow the Columbus-headquartered business. The funding was led by Provariant Equity Partners, with investment from Tecum Capital Partners, the existing CEO and Centerfield Capital Partners....

By Jayne Gest

April 1, 2020

Drive Capital’s Chris Olsen on how coronavirus impacts VC

Drive Capital partner Chris Olsen talks about the state of dealmaking, what portfolio companies should expect from their shareholders and his advice for investors....

By Adam Burroughs

March 19, 2020

Chip McClure: Dealmaking Can Open The Door To New, Innovative Business Opportunities

Discipline is a crucial component to being an effective dealmaker, says Michigan Capital Advisors’ Chip McClure....

By Mark Scott

March 3, 2020

Rev1 Ventures participates in Upshift’s $3.7M funding round

Cincinnati-based startup Upshift raised $3.7 million of Series A venture funding in a deal led by Indeed, according to PitchBook. Columbus startup studio Rev1 Ventures participated in the round....

By Jayne Gest

February 27, 2020

Michael Redd: Applying lessons from the NBA to the venture world

Michael Redd is often more concerned about the leaders than the product; if the product isn’t right, the company can pivot. The angel investor and venture partner shares what he's learned about investing and how his experience as a professional athlete in the NBA frames it....

By Jayne Gest

February 6, 2020

CitySide Ventures’ David Weaver: When Your Plan Doesn’t Work, Be Ready To Pivot To Something New

Longtime dealmaker put more than three decades of diversified management experience to use to help early-stage companies connect with the resources they need to grow their businesses....

By Mark Scott

February 4, 2020

Rich Lunak on the hot technology market in Pittsburgh

The market for technology companies and disruptive startups remains red hot in Pittsburgh. Innovation Works' Rich Lunak shares what he's seeing in terms of valuations and deal flow....

By Jayne Gest

January 24, 2020

Nationwide invests in Vesta Healthcare, KINETIC

Nationwide Ventures has invested in the $30 million Series A round for Vesta Healthcare, while also partnering with KINETIC. This is part of Nationwide’s commitment to invest more than $100 million of venture capital in customer-centric solutions....

By Jayne Gest

January 21, 2020

Drive Capital closes fund with $300M raised

Columbus venture capital firm Drive Capital recently closed its OverDrive Fund I, PitchBook reports. The fund targeted $400 million in its original paperwork but closed with $300 million....

By Jayne Gest

January 20, 2020

Birchmere Ventures to top off fund with $10M

Pittsburgh’s Birchmere Ventures is raising another $10 million with its BV5 Annex LLC that goes along with its active Birchmere Ventures V fund, according to a SEC filing....

By Jayne Gest

January 9, 2020

J.D. Vance launches Ohio VC fund

Investor J.D. Vance, who wrote “Hillbilly Elegy” has raised $93 million to start a venture capital firm, Narya Capital, based in Cincinnati, according to a SEC filing. Along with co-founder Colin Greenspon, Columbus’ Falon Donahue has been named as a partner after leaving VentureOhio....

By Jayne Gest

January 7, 2020

Lear Corp. Invests In SV-Based Autotech Ventures

The investment is being made through Lear Innovation Ventures, which was launched one year ago, to identify advanced development teams and early-stage technologies and provide direct capital to innovation initiatives....

By Mark Scott

December 19, 2019

Equity funding up in Detroit, Pittsburgh

The greater Detroit area and Pittsburgh have grown the most in the amount of equity funding they attract by percent, year over year, a report by Crunchbase states. The greater Philadelphia area ranked No. 5 on the list....

By Jayne Gest

December 19, 2019

Ovid’s Matt Geiger: Focus On Finding Ways To Get The Deal Done

Matt Geiger has experience as both an entrepreneur and an investor. When he’s an entrepreneur, he’s learned the value of letting the investor be the smartest one in the room....

By Mark Scott

December 11, 2019

MissionOG closes $93M fund

The new fund provides fast-growing B2B technology companies in financial services and payments, data, and software with investment capital to accelerate their businesses....

By Adam Burroughs

December 10, 2019

Buddy Flerl: Whether investing overseas or in the PE secondary market, people are the key

Buddy Flerl acts as an investor and limited partner in institutional funds in the secondary market, providing liquidity to PE firms. He also has experience investing overseas. In both scenarios, he says, it comes down to people....

By Jayne Gest

December 6, 2019

Kraft Heinz-backed VC fund invests in Zippin

Zippin, a San Francisco startup enabling cashierless checkout for brick and mortar retail, recently closed a $12 million in Series A funding, led by Evolv Ventures, the venture fund backed by Kraft Heinz....

By Jayne Gest

November 5, 2019

Drive Capital closes $350M fund

Drive Capital has successfully raised $350 million for its third flagship venture capital fund, according to SEC paperwork. The Columbus VC firm remains in the midst of raising its first opportunity fund....

By Jayne Gest

October 30, 2019

Winbridge’s Chris MacLaren: Due Diligence Should Always Rate High On Your M&A Priority List

Chris MacLaren crunches the numbers at Winbridge, enabling PE/VC firms time to raise capital and source new deals....

By Mark Scott

October 3, 2019

TriPower Capital's Robert Sharpe: Capitalizing on Underserved Markets

The TriPower founding partner talks about his eye for making deals in the food and beverage space and one of the most common problems with today’s business landscape....

By Mark Scott

September 6, 2019

Svoboda Capital's Jeff Piper: Culture, Leadership Are Keys

Managing Director Jeff Piper about Svoboda Capital Partners' formula for identifying good investment opportunities and what entrepreneurs can do to capture the eye of investors....

By Mark Scott

August 29, 2019

Peninsula Capital's Ty Clutterbuck

Peninsula Capital Partners' Ty Clutterbuck talks about his approach to making and assessing acquisition opportunities....

By Mark Scott

August 22, 2019

For Startups, Value Attracts Funding

Focusing all your attention on fundraising can actually make it harder to close your next funding round if it distracts you from creating the value investors want, writes JumpStart's Jerry Frantz....

By Jerry Frantz

August 16, 2019

Buying a business? Better have a plan

Companies preparing themselves for their first acquisition might appreciate Don Caldwell’s advice: “The plan comes first.”...

By Adam Burroughs

August 6, 2019

Collaboration, corporates draw Heartland Ventures to Columbus

South Bend, Ind.-based Heartland Ventures, which focuses on connecting startups to corporations, picked Columbus out of 15 Midwest cities for expansion because of the corporate involvement in the city's collaborative early-stage community....

By Jayne Gest

June 19, 2019

Non-control Capital Offers Liquidity Option For Family-Held Companies

Many family-held businesses don't realize there are minority investors out there, says Nicholas Stone, managing director at Cyprium Partners....

By Mark Scott

June 18, 2019

PLSG invests in four regional life sciences startups

In the first half of 2019, the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse has invested $155,000 in four startups — Health IT companies RIMSYS and Clinical Platform, therapeutic company CytoAgents and medical device company Neuro Kinetics....

By Jayne Gest

June 13, 2019

Woodward Angels Ready To Spark Entrepreneurial Growth

Lauren Hoffman of Woodward Angels and Tim Parker of Grand Angels talk about their effort to make connections and spark more early-stage entrepreneurial growth in Southeast Michigan....

By Mark Scott

June 11, 2019

Dale Buckwalter on buying and selling companies with high valuations

3 Rivers Capital co-founder Dale Buckwalter shares his thoughts on how to make returns in the current market of high valuations....

By Jayne Gest

June 10, 2019

SeventySix Capital’s Wayne Kimmel leverages social capital of athletes to rise above noise

SeventySix Capital Managing Partner Wayne Kimmel discusses how celebrity can help investors and startups stand out in a noisy media landscape to create opportunities for all parties involved....

By Adam Burroughs

June 6, 2019

Arsenal’s Maria Thompson: Investors Want Businesses That Solve Problems

Investors aren’t looking for unique business opportunities, says Arsenal venture partner Maria Thompson. They want business models that solve problems, preferably big ones....

By Mark Scott

June 3, 2019

FS/KKR Advisor LLC merges four nontraded business development companies

Philadelphia’s FS Investments and New York’s KKR Credit Advisors are merging four non-traded business development companies to form the second-largest BDC by assets under management, with over $9 billion in assets....

By Adam Burroughs

May 17, 2019

Blue Olive’s Ed Weinfurtner takes hands-on approach to investing

Ed Weinfurtner is a dealmaker who likes to get his hands dirty. If the company is being marketed for sale or has a book that pitches the acquisition opportunity, he’s not interested. “I’m trying to find a diamond in the rough,” he says....

By Mark Scott

May 16, 2019

Two Akron investment funds merge into $3M fund

Akron Fusion Investment Partners LP I, the largest fund to come out of the Akron region, is merging with the Akron Bioinvestment Fund II, growing the fund to $3 million and bolster its impact....

By Adam Burroughs

May 14, 2019

Pipeline Angels: Driving change in Detroit’s angel investor community

Kerry Ann Rockquemore and Pipeline Angels bring needed guidance to help young entrepreneurs shape their vision and target markets that offer a better chance for success....

By Mark Scott

May 7, 2019

Yvonne Campos' Next Act Fund gives women seat at dealmaking table

Yvonne Campos is an accomplished businesswoman who built and sold a successful market research and strategy firm. In all her experiences, though, she was never asked to participate in a deal or invest...

By Jayne Gest

May 1, 2019

Drive Capital closes $307M fund, while raising another

Drive Capital has closed its third flagship fund at $307 million and raised nearly $251 million for its first overdrive fund, according to SEC filings....

By Jayne Gest

April 25, 2019

JumpStart's Cathy Belk: Plan Your Exit Before You Start Your Business

You can’t start a business these days without planning your way out.For early-stage entrepreneurs, thinking about a potential exit from the business starts before the company is even launched.“Many of...

By Mark Scott

April 19, 2019

Chris Rizik: Honesty Is The Best Policy When Pitching VCs

Chris Rizik shares his insight on how to make a better pitch to investors, as well as the growth opportunities that exist in Detroit’s VC community....

By Mark Scott

April 18, 2019

Female founders on rise, as women-focused angel group disbands

Although X-Squared Angels disbanded at the end of last year as membership fizzled, early-stage and startup female founders appear to be on the rise. We talk to Cindi Englefield and Mary McCarthy of the Women’s Small Business Accelerator....

By Jayne Gest

April 10, 2019

Acquisition strategy: Have discipline, retain talent and avoid dishonest negotiators

Investor Lee Zapis shares tips for making better acquisitions, lessons learned from mistakes and the evolving role of culture in the dealmaking process....

By Mark Scott

April 5, 2019

Rev1 Ventures hits $2B in economic impact in 6 years

In 2018 alone, Rev1 clients generated more than $123 million in revenue and attracted more than $157 million in capital to the region....

By Jayne Gest

April 4, 2019

Kraft Heinz fund makes first investment

Evolv Ventures was part of a $25 million Series C round investment in GrubMarket, a farm-to-delivery food service....

By Adam Burroughs

March 22, 2019

Lear invests in Israeli Venture Fund in Mobility Space

Lear has invested an undisclosed amount in an Israel-based venture capital fund managed by Maniv Mobility that is focused on advancing mobility technology....

By Adam Burroughs

March 22, 2019

BlueTree's big 2018: A unicorn, strong exits and new investors

It’s been an exciting and unprecedented year for Catherine Mott and BlueTree Capital, including her venture fund's first unicorn holding....

By Jayne Gest